Waterfox Logistics

Our main activity is the organization and forwarding of international road transport
as part-time and full-load routes in Scandinavia and Europe.

Logistic & Cargo Transportation Services

We offer logistics and freight forwarding services, as well as carry out international transportation.

Water Fox OU – is an Estonian company established in 2018 in Tallinn. During our work we have proven ourselves as a team of professionals who are able to solve problems of various complexity levels.


Well thought-out logistics significantly increases the quality of transportation. The cargo is delivered to the destination place in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the safety of transportation is at a high level: damage or spoiling of the product is excluded.


We work for the European and Scandinavian directions, including delivery to the following countries:

  • Poland, Czech Republic;
  • Belgium, Netherlands, Germany;
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway.

Road vehicles

Motor vehicles are used for cargo transportation. Our vehicles are characterized by high reliability. Before each trip, a mandatory technical control of vehicles state is carried out. All our vehicles and trailers undergo this procedure.

Drivers and forwarding agents have an extensive work experience. They have been doing this job for more than 10 years. For employees of our company transportation is a real passion. These people fully dedicate themselves to their beloved business, treating their duties in a particularly responsible way.

FTL and LTL-transportation

International transportation of goods can be carried out on conditions of full truck load (FTL) or less than truck load (LTL). In the first case, the transportation of goods is carried out with a vehicle loaded completely. In the second case – the truck is partially loaded.
FTL transportation is beneficial for a large batch of goods. To do this, one can use a separate vehicle. An LTL option is suitable for transporting of a small goods lot. If necessary, we carry oversized cargo as well.

Special freight-related clauses

Special provisions shall be taken into account in case of international deliveries. A contract may indicate EXW or DAP delivery conditions. With the EXW option, all costs and risks associated with the delivery, are borne by the buyer, in the contract envisaging DAP – by the seller. The choice of the delivery conditions depends on the agreements between the shipper and the consignee. If necessary, we can advise you on this issue.

Packing and insurance

Cargo packaging is carried out with application of high-quality materials. It can be a special film and other materials. The choice in favor of a particular option depends on the nature of the goods, their features and size.

When potential damage to the cargo may result in serious consequences, it is better to resort to an insurance policy. We exercise a responsible approach to transportation, but force-majeure circumstances can intervene at any time. Cargo insurance  is an excellent opportunity for customers to make themselves safe. Therefore, we suggest you to take advantage of this service.

Advantageous offer

Our company provides professional services in the field of international transportation. We demonstrate a high level of customer service. Moreover, the quality of work does not depend on the complexity of the order.
We are aimed at long-term partnership and are always ready to offer our help to new companies. Co-operation with us will let you focus on the main tasks of your business, while we will deal with the goods’ transportation.
Are you looking for a reliable partner for goods transportation? We will be happy to assist in solving this task.