Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Waterfox Logistics Ltd. carefully transports every cargo that customers entrust to the company. This is facilitated by modern vehicles that are maintained in perfect technical condition and cleanliness, as well as by the proper organization of logistics processes and the responsible approach to the partners’ choice.

We do our best to ensure that your goods arrive at the destination safe and sound. However, on the road, force majeure circumstances and unforeseen dangers which cannot be 100% excluded still sometimes arise. Cargo insurance helps to minimize losses and is available in three options:

  • carrier’s liability insurance (CMR);
  • freight forwarder’s liability insurance;
  • valuable cargo insurance as an additional service.

All carriers that are our partners have CMR insurance policies. In addition, Waterfox Logistics Ltd. includes freight forwarding insurance in its comprehensive cargo transportation service. Therefore, all goods of our customers are “by default” insured twice, which partially compensates for the damage in case of problems during transportation.

Terms of delivery

We work in accordance with the international rules of Incoterms. They help people living in different countries and speaking different languages ​​to understand equally the terms of delivery, and eliminate the need for the parties to coordinate each organizational question separately. An appropriate term is simply selected from the list, which already contains a fixed set of conditions.

These terms are designated by three-letter abbreviations and are also referred to as “delivery clauses” in which the following information is commonly encrypted:

  • the place or point of transfer of the goods;
  • distribution of responsibilities of the parties – for cargo insurance, customs procedures, loading and discharging operations;
  • the moment of transfer of risks to the consignee – when the company that purchased the goods begins to be responsible for them.

Cargo insurance during transportation

During transportation of the goods of high value, we recommend taking out additional transport insurance. This is a reliable way to protect your shipments from unforeseen circumstances.

You can order cargo transportation insurance both for one consignment of goods and for a long-term contract for several consignments. When ordering the service, it should be taken into consideration that the insurance payout does not cover damage caused by defective or improper packaging.