Cargo packaging

Cargo insurance

Transportation of goods by road is associated with certain risks. During transportation, goods may be subjected to severe mechanical and vibration stress. It is impacted upon by various forces which may cause damage. Proper packaging must be used to prevent spoilage of the product. This will be a guarantee of cargo protection when careful handling and a high level of safety during transportation are added here.

Packing goods for subsequent transportation is one of the services provided by Waterfox Logistics. By contacting us, you may not worry about the quality of transportation, as your cargo will be carefully packed.

Professional packing of cargo for transportation

In case of improper packaging or the use of substandard materials, there is a high risk of damage to the goods. Moreover, even careful handling of the cargo during transportation does not save from such complications. With the right approach to packaging, the likelihood of damage to your goods in transit is minimized.

When choosing a package, you need to consider the following factors:

  • peculiarities of the cargo and its dimensions;
  • the distance that the car travels on the way;
  • way of handling the cargo;
  • safety of transportation;
  • recommendations of specialists.

Packing options

The most common options for packaging cargo are considered to be the use of crates and palletizing. In the first case, a special protective frame is used, which is especially important when transporting fragile goods. The crate is usually made of wood, it is assembled from bars and boards. The size and shape of such a frame depends on the dimensions of the cargo.

When palletizing, the cargo is placed on a special pallet, after which it is tightened. Stretch film or other material can be used for this purpose. The film is also used in the option with a crate and thus it becomes an additional protective element.


Our specialists boast extensive experience in the field of cargo packaging. We will help you choose the most suitable option for packaging a particular product. In our work, we always start with the wishes of the customer, adding our experience and professionalism. We are focused on long-term cooperation and are open to interaction with new clients.

Do you need high-quality and reliable cargo packaging for transportation? We are ready to offer our help.