The logistics company Waterfox Logistics provides full truck load services where full loading of a vehicle with cargo of just one customer is offered. Its essence is that all available places in the vehicle/ container will be occupied by your products only throughout all the route. After packaging, the cargo is not restacked at temporary warehouses, and is always at the same place. This guarantees maximum security and reduces the risk of goods’ loss.

This type of services is called FTL-transport. This is the best option for such types of cargo:

  • extremely important (valuable);
  • requiring particular attention;
  • big scopes;
  • heavy or oversized.
  • One can use FTL-transportation for shipments of any scope. We do not require the client to ensure full loading of the vehicle’s space.

Specific features of FTL-transportation

The essence is that the entire space of a vehicle is at the disposal of one shipper. Even in the case when there are not so many goods (but we are talking, for example, about rather fragile cargo), and you are not planning to use the entire volume of the vehicle, the FTL-transportation may be beneficial anyway.

Main FCL benefits for a client:

  1. Increased delivery speed. Unlike the LTL-transportation, in case of the FCL-transportation, the customer does not have to wait until the vehicle is fully loaded. Besides, our transport ensures door-to-door delivery without stopping at warehouse terminals and restacking the goods to other vehicles.
  2. Logistics improves. We can agree the route with the client. This is especially convenient if you are planning to deliver your goods in parts to different countries of Europe and /or Scandinavia (or to different cities). We will choose the optimal route requiring minimum of time and investments.
  3. The right transport shall be chosen. Taking into account the peculiarities and volume of your goods, the tonnage and other specifics of the vehicle for the cargo transportation are determined.

The option of FTL-transportation is especially recommended when transporting perishable products, dangerous load, or oversized goods

Our company will ensure:

  • professional advice on the choice of FCL-transportation (whether it is cost-saving in your case);
  • cargo transporting and forwarding with modern cargo vehicles;
  • professional logistics allowing to reduce costs;
  • insurance of goods and its safety on the route;
  • strict adherence to delivery time.

Do you have any further questions? Our managers will be happy to answer your phone call or will help you to place an order in our online chat!