Partial loading is a trend that almost all transport service providers face today. It does not always happen that one customer has the volume of goods necessary to fully load the trailer. Therefore, partial cargo transportation is becoming increasingly popular. This is cost-effective and justified for both the customer and the logistics service provider.

Water Fox OÜ has extensive experience in the field of international road cargo transportation. The geography of transport services that we are ready to offer our customers covers the European and Scandinavian destinations.

Cargo transportation is not just our job. The road is our vocation, to which we have devoted more than 10 years. That is why we are ready to offer you a way out of even the most difficult tasks associated with the transportation of goods. To do this, we have enough knowledge, experience and contacts accumulated over the years.


Partial load delivery requires a high level of professionalism and maximum responsibility from the logistics service provider. Some carriers try to avoid such orders, because you have to work with several customers at once, deal with different types of cargo that need to be collected from different warehouses.

For many enterprises and companies, this type of cargo transportation is especially relevant today. Sometimes the cargo that needs to be transported takes up only one pallet. It is extremely unprofitable for small companies to pay for such delivery in full. It is for such customers that LTL transportation is the best way out of the situation.

By collecting loads from different senders in one trailer, we significantly reduce the cost of the service and reduce the transport costs of our customers. At the same time, this does not affect the speed and quality of delivery in any way.

Transportation with partial loading is possible both in Estonia and in other countries of Europe and Scandinavia. The forwarding and logistics company Water Fox OÜ is committed to a long-term partnership, so we guarantee our customers a high quality of service, proven over the years.

Our reputation is as important to us as your confidence in the safety and security of the cargo entrusted to us. By delegating to us the solution of tasks related to transport logistics, you can fully concentrate on solving the strategic tasks of your main business.