Transportation of oversized cargo in Europe by trucks and trailers

The Waterfox Logistics company provides services for the transportation of oversized cargo by trucks and trailers in Europe and Scandinavia. This type of service is especially in demand when transporting large metal structures, reinforced concrete products, cars, power plants, and more. Cargo transportation is carried out by special transport with trucks-trailers and trawls of a special configuration.

Our company has the required transport and has the necessary licenses to organize such transportation. We consider applications for cargo transportation by trailer covering a wide variety of cargo – polymer structures, drilling rigs, oil platforms, large-sized transformers, as well as cargo classified as ‘oversized’.

Specifics of organisation of cargo transportation by trucks and trailers

When we talk about oversized cargo, we mean all bulk products, heavy structures, large-volume goods and containers. Delivery of such items in Europe can only be made with the use of specialized transport, subject to certain conditions.

Our company has a large fleet of specialized vehicles:

  • trailers;
  • large capacity trawls;
  • trailers of various configurations (including “Yumbo” trailers, as well as mega trailers and trailer trains).

Our employees have sufficient skills to organize the loading and unloading of special types of goods. We have specialized equipment for the organization of loading and unloading operations and have the appropriate permits to perform these works in the EU and in Scandinavia.

Why order delivery by trucks and trailers from Waterfox Logistics

Our freight forwarding company has a staff of experienced drivers who are well acquainted with the specifics of transporting bulky and oversized cargo. We can quickly estimate the volume of transportation, offer the best price for services. Besides:

  • we provide cargo support along the entire route;
  • we provide product insurance services;
  • we guarantee strict compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • we provide the ability to track the route of our transport.

To use the service, simply fill out the application form on the website. For all questions about transportation questions, please contact the managers of Waterfox Logistics online or by the phone numbers listed on the page.